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Don’t Fire the Employee for Trying Something New

Technology constantly changes, and new ways of promoting your brand are always being developed. A lack of understanding of technology can often deter people from using it even when it would be beneficial. Sherwin-Williams is an example of shunning instead of embracing new technology.

In 2020, a college student working at a paint shop called Sherwin-Williams was fired for creating viral TikTok videos of him mixing paint. His videos were getting over a million views each, which any brand would pay handsomely for. But, instead of providing the college student with resources to continue promoting their brand, they fired him instead. According to termination papers the college student provided to BuzzFeed News, the official offense the company handed down to him was “gross misconduct,” which included the offenses of “wasting properties [and] facilities” and “seriously embarrass[ing] the Company or its products.”

A competitor to Sherwin-Williams, Florida Paints immediately hired @tonesterpaints after he was fired. Now, the fired college student and Florida paints collaborate in creating new paints and new ways of promotion.

The future will have many new and exciting ways of promoting your brand. Your employees may be the first to stumble upon these ideas; examining all opportunities is important. Or, you can take advantage of your competitor’s mistakes and succeed where they failed.

Prepared by the Sovereign North Research Team 

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